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What Is A 360° Virtual Tour?

In a nutshell a 360° virtual tour is a panoramic view or video of a space or area that can be viewed in absolutely any direction. 360° virtual tours offer the user an X Y axis view in other words an all round view of the space captureed.

What Is A 360° Virtual Panoramic Tour

A Virtual Panoramic Tour is similar to the 360° virtual tour except in this instance it does not carry the Y axis view. Basically this means that the viewer who is watching the Panoramic Tour can look left and right (horizontal) and is capable of seeing in a 360°  field of vision but cannot look upwards and downwards (vertical). However this does not make it a worse product because when viewing certain areas the user does not need to see the roof or floor.

Massive Advantages of 360° Virtual Tours & 360° Panoramic Tours

  • Captivate The User By Placing Them On Site
  • Interactive Clickable Buttons & Images
  • Showcase Properties Or New Developments
  • Integrate Into Your Existing Platforms To Attract And Engage With Users
  • Save Time & Money With Anytime Viewing 24/7/365
  • Give Yourself & Your Company Credibility With Leading Technology
  • The Virtual Tours Are Absolute Sales Drivers Because Of The Sheer Convenience In Viewing

360° Tours Can Be Used For

  • Real Estate
  • Development
  • Instruction videos/images
  • Special occasions Parties/ dances/ weddings/ showcase products/ product launches/ Tourism product showcase /Professional business and workplace credibility / Theme park ride previews/ Event capture / Concert capture
  • Project progression
  • Shopping mall tours and store locators

What Can We Integrate Into A 360° Virtual Tour?

  • Maps
  • Google Earth
  • Video
  • Imagery
  • Sound clips (voice overs)
  • Interactive buttons links

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