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We are living in the age of technology and instant communication. An email signature is an extension of your brand. The email signature is the ‘silent brand ambassador’, the last element a potential new client sees before responding. Bring your brand and corporate identity across with a professional email signature design for all staff members and create consistency in your online communication.


An email signature can be compared to an ‘electronic business card’ and you wouldn’t want to hand one of your clients or potential clients a scrappy piece of paper with some of your details scribbled on it would you?Professional email signatures should form a standard part of any company or business marketing and represent your brand and professional corporate identity.We design professional email signatures based in your corporate identity, and ensure that the design flows nicely and consistently with the look and feel that you want to convey.

Email Signature Designs

  • Standard image email signatures
    • Uploaded as single images with no links
  • HTML email signatures
    • These contain various ‘clickable’ parts of the email signature. It is beneficial to have an HTML email signature as this allows the recipient to further engage with your company online. Link to your website, link to your social media pages, calls to action, rate your service etc.

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