Google Ads & Ad Campaigns for online lead generation

Google Ads is the one sure way you can get your business on the top of the Google search results. This service is not free and you will pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

Google is arguably the best source of online leads for business. A Google Ad words campaign is a paid (Pay per Click) method that millions of businesses around the world use to gain more traffic to their websites. Google Ads are a great way to push our results to the top of page one Google results under specific keywords. The campaigns are very targetable and very measurable; they work on a ‘pay per click’ basis. The cost of the click depends on online search volumes, online competition and various other factors.

Boost Traffic With Google Ads

We always believe that organic results are the most valuable in terms of longevity (this comes from a strong SEO campaign), however, Google Ads are a fantastic way to boost traffic and advertise promotions or special events, with quick results.

Interaction Through Google Ads

Google ads campaigns have shown an average click through rate (on mobile search and first position) of around 27.7% which is substantial. It is always advisable (from our point of view) to run Google Ads campaigns in conjunction with a good SEO campaign.

Zero Fees On Your PPC Campaign*

One of the benefits of running a PPC campaign with us is that if you are on any of our website maintenance packages you do not pay any management fee on your campaign at all.

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