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Correct SEO Optimisation Targeting

Local SEO or search engine optimization refers to area specific targeting on Google results. Perhaps you have a business that only operates in a specific area – local SEO is just what you need. With our local SEO strategies we look at a variety of aspects to determine how aggressive a campaign your business requires. Local competition is always growing and hence we believe that having a strong online presence in your area of focus is key.

Say you are looking for an SEO company in Roodepoort, you want to find an SEO company in Roodepoort – not in Timbuktu! Local SEO uses the area of focus, after the main keyword thus delivering the most relevant result. In the example, ‘SEO Company’ is the main keyword, and ‘Roodepoort’ is the localised SEO area of focus.

Benefits Of Local SEO

  • Target clients in your immediate business area
  • Faster Google page 1 results with local SEO
  • Relevant results for the user
  • Geographical targeting
  • Build online credibility in your area with local SEO

SEO Micro Site Strategy

Local SEO is also a great solution for the popular ‘micro site’ movement. This refers to having many sites out there, each targeted at various areas. This strategy is becoming very popular in the online world and ensures strong presence in many areas without mundane, stale and duplicate content.

Optimise SEO Campaigns

With all of our SEO campaign strategies, including local SEO, we implement stringent performance and competitor tracking. This assists in campaign fine-tuning and SEO longevity ensuring that your SEO investment builds and maintains long term value.

Pre SEO Campaign Research

Local SEO is one of the fastest ways to get your business’ website to feature on prominent Google results pages. We conduct keyword research before commencing on an SEO project. This research is conducted via Google directly and is accurate. This assists us in determining how aggressive a campaign you require based on search volumes and online competition.

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