What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a variety of techniques used to improve a website’s visibility on search engine results. Here at Webture we believe that Google is the most effective search engine to optimize for, and thus we structure our SEO techniques to best suit Google’s set of requirements in order to rank your website well on Google search results. We understand that most of us here in South Africa have much more access to smart phones and devices and therefore use Google for almost everything we are looking for. Whether it be looking for a contact number, a store locator, nearest coffee shop or petrol station or all kinds of local businesses – Google is our first port-of-call.

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization has immense power when it comes to your online presence and has launched and amplified our SEO clients into the online world. Many massive opportunities and business ventures our clients would never have acquired without implementing such a valuable strategy. Imagine having a beautiful shop that has just opened but you keep the covers on it so that it is invisible to potential customers – SEO lifts up the cover and exposes your business to a whole new world of business opportunities.

We believe that SEO is the most important factor to consider when you are launching an online presence. It is not sufficient to only have a website, no matter how beautiful it may look. What is the point if no one ever gets to see it? SEO takes your website to the next level and launches it to a whole new world of online customers who are already searching for your business.

SEO For Business

  • As a business in South Africa you want to make sure that you are able to be found online- especially on Google
  • Not only do you want to be found on Google but you want to be found on the first pages. How many times do you actually scroll down to page 10 or more?
  • Search engine optimization encapsulates a wide variety of techniques, both on and off-site techniques and other processes that are put in place (on-site SEO is the work we do on your website and off-site SEO refers to work that is done off your website).

Quality SEO?

Here at Webture we pride ourselves on top quality SEO work that not only gives you quick page ranking results, but also long lasting SEO value. Our methods are in line with Google Best Practise SEO techniques and standards, and we keep up to date with the latest Google algorithm updates and changes to ensure top quality SEO value for your business.

SEO Packages

Choose from our range of SEO packages to suit the needs of your business. Whether you need a budget friendly, basic SEO strategy or an advanced, aggressive SEO campaign to get ahead of your online competitors – we offer it all!

Local SEO?
  • Want to target customers in your area? Local SEO is a great way to gain local credibility; we are able to target any area that you want to pursue.
International SEO?
  • This is a perfect strategy for targeting overseas customers or clients. There are no limits to the reach we can obtain with an international SEO campaign strategy.
Custom Website Designs

Professional , Affordable and Responsive Website Design