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Professional Logo Design

If you require a brand new logo, we will create one that is perfect for your business. The logo is the key factor in a professional corporate identity as everything else will flow from your logo. The website design should flow with the look and feel of your logo, and this applies to the rest of your CI. We can create stunning logo designs that will help your brand stand out from the rest.

Not everyone has a specific idea of what they want in terms of professional logo design, don’t let that discourage you! We can work off sample images that you like, send us examples of what you really like and we will create something similar with your own twist.

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Complete Logo Design

Remember that your logo will become a vital part of your business so it is extremely important to have a design that speaks the essence of your business. Your logo translates the general feel and atmosphere of your brand or business. Your Logo design should be recognised without the slogan or company name next to it. It’s crucial to design a logo that will be recognisable and have the necessary impact so that clients can remember it.

We have a review process in place for logo designs, where we offer you 3 reviews (opportunities for changes or slight amendments) so that we can ensure that your design is exactly what you want.

We also provide your final logo design to you in multiple formats so that it is easy for you to use the design across many different platforms. Along with this we also provide you with the exact color codes for the colors that are incorporated into your logo so that these colors can be used in other professional elements in your business. With the increase in social media platforms, its important to have a logo that looks professional on mobile devices. This is why we can also create Retina ready logo designs.

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