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a Google plus page is a social media platform created by Google that allows people and businesses to connect very easily. It had acquired over 100 million users quicker than any other popular social media platform. To date, there are over 300 million active users on Google plus, with an average visitation duration of 3:46 minutes. Google plus usage in South Africa is increasing by the day, more than 2000 accounts are opened daily. There are numerous advantages to having a Google plus page for business, Keep reading and see why you need a Google plus page.

  • Create Pages

  • Gain Followers

  • Business Page

  • Great SEO Value

Google Plus Business Page

Being active on Google plus means that you will receive great credibility from Google and as a result, your SEO credibility benefits hugely. This means that your Google rankings will improve and of course this is great for business.

Posting on Google Plus creates a new page on the internet, These pages can be greatly optimised and hold value for incoming links which is needed to obtain 1st-page results on Google

a Google Plus page is certainly one of the most important social media platforms, if not absolutely crucial. Google won’t list the over 200 algorithms they used, however, it is widely speculated that a Google Plus Page is among the top 10 most important factors that influence ranking. If you have a current youtube account then chances are you can start working on your own private Google plus profile, just like Facebook. The Profile is very important and requires optimisation to ensure the best SEO results.

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