Webture Does Social Media Heavy Lifting

Professional & Affordable Social Media Setup

Does Your Social Media Setup Cause Anxiety?

Social media setup can seem daunting – especially when you have to start from scratch. Webture offers full service social media setup, which includes social platform optimization. Social media optimization is an important factor when setting up your social media platforms as it assists with improving your chances of being found. Social media optimisation also conveys a strong social media interest, and is great for your SEO.

Social Media Setup Includes

  • Population of all necessary fields
  • Profile picture and timeline images design
  • Insertion of other important links such as your website link and links to your other social media pages
  • Social media links will be provided to you for other marketing requirements along with our access credentials
  • We will add you as admin so that you can also manage your social media pages if required
  • If you have done your website design with us we will insert your new social media links into your website

Social Media Setup Services Include

  • Facebook business page setup
  • YouTube channel creation
  • YouTube video creation is also an option
  • Blog copy writing

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