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Difference between e-commerce & catalog websites

Catalog Websites are designed to display a list of products without the ability to purchase them online. The web development process is a lot like that of an e-commerce website, however, instead of a “buy now” button there will be options like “enquire now” or “order now”. Our catalog website design is based and designed around your product offering.

We can also design a downloadable catalog that your customers can easily download from your website for reference to your products or services. The downloadable catalogs will be in PDF format and compatible with all devices and desktop computers.

If you decide down the line that you would like to convert your catalog website into a fully functioning e-store you would not need to redesign your current website. We design your website in such a way that it is scalable for this very reason. There will be a small additional cost for the upgrade.

  • Digital Catalogs

  • Downloadable Catalogs

  • Responsive Catalogs

  • Sharable Catalogs

What do you need for a Website Design?

The catalog website design needs 2 main things. Product images and product descriptions, once you have these two elements ready we can start with the web development process. The rest of the pages are also important however the functionality of Catalogue websites are in the design of the actual catalog. Along with the 2 main necessities needed for a catalog website design, you would also need the other pages with helpful information regarding your products. Its always a good idea to add helpful tips and how-to instructions where applicable.

Responsive Catalog Website Design

Your brand new catalog website will be easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets. Customers are on the move and using their mobile devices to browse the internet and look for products and services. Mobile responsiveness design is almost like a mobile app, easily navigated and bigger text for easier reading on a smaller size screen. One of the upsides of a catalog website is that your website visitors will be able to share your products on social media platforms via your website. This helps you build that ever important digital footprint needed to get on the 1st page of Google.

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