YouTube Channel Design and Development

Engage With More Than 1,57 Billion Active Monthly Users

Reach a massive target audience with engaging video content with your very own YouTube channel. There are more than 1 billion active users on YouTube monthly, with an average visitation / watch duration of a huge 40 minutes per session! Research shows that around 6 billion hours every month are spent on YouTube. An even more staggering stat is that there are around 300 hours of new video content uploaded to YouTube every single minute!

Get in on the YouTube action by letting us create your own YouTube Channel. Along with this you can gain exposure to the YouTube audience with YouTube ads – this work in a similar way to a Google Ad words campaign and are also highly targetable and measurable.

YouTube channel creation with Webture includes the setup and optimisation of your YouTube channel.

Why Do I Need To Create A YouTube Channel?

  • According to Forbes, by 2021 it is estimated that 82 percent of all online traffic will be for video, consider that in 2016 it accounted for 73 percent.
  • Engage with a massive audience of more than 1,57 billion active monthly users.
  • YouTube has the potential to be shared across other social media platforms thus encouraging users to follow you on more than one platform.
  • Needing more than just text based content YouTube offers the perfect platform for doing just that.

Custom YouTube Channel And Website Design